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It’s time to give your customers a Reason
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Spark Conversation with personalized data-driven sales pitch

Why customers choose Fable?

A better way to grow Sales

Bring data-driven personalization into the sales pitch that makes your customers feel understood, valued, and special.

Increase Sales Effectiveness within Store

Enable sales rep in maximizing line to line growth through effective upselling and cross selling in the same store.

Create Fresh hooks for every sales visit

Surface fresh stories about different SKUs in every sale call thus enabling sales reps to increase the number lines sold during a call.

Enable Seller’s Capability

Remove the cookie-cutter approach and enable to share on-point customized information to the customer for each SKU.

Making hyper-personalized sales pitch to customers can lead to:


Increase in Avg. Invoice Value


Lines per order


New Product Acceptance

What is Fable?

Fable enables omnichannel sales with hyper- personalized Selling Stories for every customer. These Selling Stories are personalized sales pitches that give your customers a unique reason to buy the product or promotion irrespective of how it’s being sold to the customer.
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SOURCE Data into the Platform

Connect your organizations historical data like Sales Data, Customer Data, SKU level data, and many more granular level sales data into the Fable Platform.

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Fable WEAVES a story

Fable weaves the data into personalized sales pitches that gives every customer a unique reason to buy the product or promotion.

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Become an effective NARRATOR

These personalized sales pitches can be shared through various channels of communication like Messaging Application, Push Notification, tele sales or directly to field sales rep to drive sales.


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Personalized data-based selling proposition

Provide tailor-made insights for your sales pitch that matter to your retailer, removing the cookie-cutter approach.

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No staleness of story

Once the story is used, similar stories are deprioritized over stories with high relevance and freshness.

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Constant Feedback Mechanism

All stores are evaluated based on their performance and impact so that the system learns and shares stories that deliver results.

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Active User Pricing

Follows a per-active-user pricing model, so you only pay for those who use Selling Stories.

Case Study

How Sales Representatives of the Largest Adhesive Manufacturer increased its sales by 1.5 times!

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